Are You Remodeling Your Kitchen?

Posted on: 2 January 2019

Do you like the basic floor plan of your kitchen, but you realize that the room is outdated? Perhaps you have lived in your house for many years, or maybe you have purchased an older home. In either case, you might have decided that it's time to give your kitchen a new look. From selecting granite countertops to buying new kitchen furniture, here are some ideas that might help you to design an attractive room that your family and friends can enjoy for many years.

​The Countertops 

Maybe your countertops started out with something like butcher block materials, or with linoleum. While they might have looked great years ago, they might need to be totally replaced because they are in bad shape. If so, have you considered replacing the countertops with granite ones? While granite might be more expensive than some other choices, it will be easy to maintain and it will last for a very long time.

If you want a contemporary look in your kitchen, consider buying dark gray or black granite countertops. If you want a more traditional look, consider off-white or mocha colored granite countertops. And, for extra drama, think of choosing a pattern that has gold streaks or gold flecks as part of the design of y=the granite countertops. 

Consider the kind of countertops you chose as you select your cabinets. For example, if you went with gray or black for the granite, consider selecting white for the color of your cabinets. If you went with off-white or mocha, consider selecting a very light brown for your cabinetry.

The Furniture 

Part of your kitchen remodeling job might include buying new kitchen furniture or repainting your present kitchen furniture. If you chose a contemporary look for your kitchen, consider buying metal furniture. If you selected a more traditional look, think of buying a wooden table and wooden ladder back chairs. Maybe you like your present wooden furniture, but it needs to be painted. For something truly unique, think of repainting the wooden furniture with a shabby chic look.

As you select the look you want in your kitchen furniture, consider adding wall shelves where you can display things like cookbooks, little potted plants and other collectibles. If you have enough space, think of buying rocking chairs for the kitchen. Not only will that add interest to the room, but it will invite others to visit with you while you do your kitchen work.