Choosing The Right Carpeting For The Different Areas Of Your Home

Posted on: 10 November 2016

If you are renovating your home, adding new flooring may be on the list of things to do. Carpeting can be a good choice for many areas. Today, there are many choices of carpets that can be installed inside your home and out. There are even durable, stain resistant materials for families with children and pets. Here are some of the choices that you may want to consider for new carpet in your home:

1. Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Outside And In Areas With The Most Traffic

Indoor/outdoor carpets today are just as attractive as materials you can have installed in your home. These are a great choice for areas that get more foot traffic, such as a basement, foyer, or mud room. In addition, they can also be used in areas like kitchens, which can be a good choice if you have joint problems and want carpet throughout your home for more comfort. In a kitchen, you may want to use a commercial material with really thin fibers, which will be easier to clean as well as resistant to stains that can come from cooking in the kitchen.

2. Short Fibers And Stain Resistant Materials For Homes With Children Or Pets

Short fibers can be another good choice for the materials in a kitchen. In addition, if you have a home with children or pets, there are carpets that are especially designed for these needs. These can be indoor carpets that are meant to resist stains and other common problems. Carpet can be an especially good flooring choice for small children because it can cushion falls and be more comfortable than other flooring materials. In addition, the padding beneath carpet can help to improve concrete surfaces that are beneath flooring.

3. The Longer, Softer Materials To Add Comfort To Areas Like Bedrooms

While there are many areas of your home where you may want to have a more durable carpet, there are also areas where comfort may be more of a priority. In areas like bedrooms, softer carpets may be a better choice. There are many choices of carpet that have longer fibers to help make your bedroom more comfortable. There are even shag carpets of different colors that can add unique style to some areas of your home.

These are some of the choices that you may want to consider if you are looking for new carpet for your flooring renovations. You can contact a carpet service and talk with them about some of these carpeting solutions for new, comfortable flooring in your home.