Laminate Wood Flooring: You Definitely Need Some Type Of Underpadding

Posted on: 21 October 2016

While a real wood floor looks great, it is also expensive. A laminate wood floor can look just as good and will not destroy your bank account. However, unlike a real wood floor, laminate needs to have some type of padding under it. This can come already attached to the underside of the laminate pieces you buy or as a separate pad you lay down before installing the laminate. Do not skip this step. Here are the main reasons you absolutely need to have the padding.

Floor Imperfections

Laminate wood flooring is not able to withstand any imperfections in the subflooring. Any little dip, crevice, or hole will have the laminate cracking or buckling as it tries to mold to the flooring beneath it. Even small cracks in the laminate will grow over time as people walk on it or any weight is applied. Padding will cushion the laminate and prevent floor imperfections from causing any damage.


Without some type of padding, laminate floors will make a lot of noise when walked upon. The noise can also travel along the pieces and reverberate in a room. The padding absorbs the sound and keeps it from being loud and annoying.


If the floor is located over an area the is not heated, moisture can and will move up into the subflooring under the laminate. This will make it damp at least on the underside. Mold and mildew can form in the dampness. In addition, the moisture can cause the laminate to start to decay and fall apart.


Having the padding makes the floor more pliable. Standing or sitting on it will not be as uncomfortable. Consider how your feet and legs feel when you have had to stand on concrete or a tiled floor at work all day. A laminate floor would be the same without padding.

If you have gone to the trouble and expense of installing laminate wood flooring, you want it to look and feel great and last as long as possible. This is going to require having padding between the laminate and the subflooring. You can choose to buy laminate that has the padding attached to it or purchase the padding separately. Both types of padding will work the same. When shopping for laminate wood flooring for sale, consider which type of padding will save you the most money and go with it.

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